The AI tool on the 3Cloud Solutions website is a tool called Power BI Adoption Assessment Tool. It helps organizations measure how advanced they are in using business intelligence (BI). The tool asks a set of questions about how an organization collects, stores, and analyzes data for their business intelligence practices. The assessment results can help organizations find areas to improve their BI abilities. The Power BI Adoption Assessment Tool is not available for free. You can buy it on the 3Cloud Solutions website. The price of the tool changes based on how many people use it. Here are some advantages of using the Power BI Adoption Assessment Tool:
  • It helps companies find areas to make their BI better.
  • It can give a plan for making BI better.
  • It helps companies calculate the return on investment of their business intelligence investments.
  • It can assist organizations in following industry rules.
If you are interested in learning more about the Power BI Adoption Assessment Tool, you can visit the 3Cloud Solutions website. Here are some other AI tools that 3Cloud Solutions offers:
  • Azure Machine Learning: This tool helps companies create, use, and control machine learning models.
  • Azure Cognitive Services: This set of tools and services allows you to use AI features like understanding speech, working with images, and understanding human language.
  • Azure Bot Service: This service assists companies in creating and launching chatbots.
  • Azure Databricks: This platform on the cloud helps you analyze big sets of data in a simple way.
3Cloud Solutions is a company that works closely with Microsoft and has achieved the highest level of partnership, known as Microsoft Gold Partner. They are also certified as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, which means they have expertise in managing and supporting Azure cloud services. They have a group of skilled advisors who can assist companies with their artificial intelligence requirements.
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