With AI at its core, Acunetix AI detects web application security risks. By leveraging this technology, organizations can locate and address security risks within their web applications. With headquarters in Spain, Acunetix, a 2006 cybersecurity company, is credited with this creation.

Acunetix AI employs different artificial intelligence methods to detect weaknesses, which include:

  • Machine learning: Advanced technology enables Acunetix AI to locate vulnerabilities in web applications by examining patterns.
  • Natural language processing: Acunetix AI leverages advanced technology to comprehend code and detect issues beyond human detection.
  • Fuzzing: The random inputs created through fuzzing are a hallmark of Acunetix AI. These inputs are subsequently employed to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses within web applications.

Acunetix AI is able to scan a wide range of web applications, including:

  • Static web applications:
  • Dynamic web applications
  • APIs

Here are some of the features of Acunetix AI:

  1. Acunetix harnesses AI to pinpoint web application weaknesses.
  2. From simple HTML pages to complex APIs, Acunetix AI can inspect a wide range of websites.
  3. Its simplicity makes Acunetix AI a tool anyone can utilize without specialized expertise.
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