Alessa is a software solution that helps banks, casinos, gaming industry, fintechs, lenders, and others manage fraud and comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It uses a type of technology called machine learning to find and stop fake transactions, and also to make tasks related to following rules and regulations happen automatically. Alessa’s key features include:
  • Fraud detection: Alessa uses machine learning to find fake transactions by looking at different things like how the customer acts, how much money is involved, and how the payment is made.
  • Compliance automation:  Alessa can help with different compliance tasks, like checking customer information (KYC) and reporting suspicious financial activities (AML).
  • Reporting: Alessa gives thorough reports on fraud and following the rules activity. These reports can help make better decisions.
  • Dashboard: Alessa has a main screen called a dashboard. It shows users what is happening with fraud and compliance right now.
Alessa is a strong tool that uses AI to help businesses prevent fraud and follow AML regulations. Here are some advantages of using Alessa:
  • Reduced fraud: Alessa can help businesses decrease fraud by finding and stopping fake transactions.
  • Improved compliance: Alessa can assist businesses in better following rules related to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations by automating tasks related to following rules and providing detailed reports.
  • Increased efficiency: Alessa can assist businesses in reducing time and cost by automating tasks and offering valuable information on fraud and compliance activities.
  • Improved customer experience: Alessa can help businesses make customers happier by stopping fake transactions and doing compliance tasks automatically.
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