Amazon Guarduty

Amazon Guarduty

Amazon GuardDuty is a service that helps you detect and prevent bad things from happening in your AWS accounts. It keeps an eye out for any suspicious or unauthorized actions. It uses computer learning and finding unusual things to find possible dangers, and it can work with other AWS services to automatically take action.

Amazon GuardDuty can help you to protect your AWS environment from a variety of threats, including:

  • Compromised accounts: GuardDuty can find hacked accounts by watching for strange things happening, like when someone uses an unauthorized IP address or changes permissions.
  • Unauthorized access: GuardDuty can detect when someone tries to access things they shouldn’t by keeping an eye on IP addresses that aren’t allowed or by watching for attempts to access important stuff.
  • Malware: GuardDuty can find harmful software by watching for bad things happening, like when files are changed or when computers connect to websites known for having harmful software.
  • DDoS attacks: GuardDuty can detect DDoS attacks by watching for sudden increases in website visitors.
  • Data exfiltration: GuardDuty can detect DDoS attacks by watching for sudden increases in website visitors.

Here are some of the key features of Amazon GuardDuty:

  1. Continuous monitoring: Amazon GuardDuty keeps an eye on your AWS setup all the time to detect any potential dangers.
  2. Machine learning: Amazon Guard Duty uses advanced technology to find possible dangers.
  3. Anomaly detection: Amazon GuardDuty uses a special method to find strange activity that could mean there is a danger.
  4. Integration with other AWS services: Amazon GuardDuty can work together with other AWS services like AWS Security Hub and Amazon CloudWatch to automatically take action in response to security issues.
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