Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf offers managed security services. Although they don’t have a dedicated AI tool, they do make use of AI in a few distinct contexts. AI is used to automate the processes like incident response and threat detection. Their security analysts will be able to concentrate on more difficult work as a result. They also employ AI to enhance their capacity for threat intelligence. They gather information from a range of places, including as threat intelligence streams, social media, and the dark web. They make use of this information to spot new dangers and create countermeasures. Lastly, they employ AI to enhance the clientele they serve. In addition to using AI to deliver tailored suggestions for security goods and services, they employ chatbots to respond to frequently asked queries and offer assistance. All things considered, Arctic Wolf is utilizing AI in a number of ways to enhance their security offerings and give their clients greater protection. Here are some other examples of how AI is being used in cybersecurity:
  • Threat intelligence: To find new risks, threat intelligence data is gathered and analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Incident response: Artificial Intelligence is being utilized in incident response to automate duties like alert triage and incident response.
  •  AI is being used in vulnerability management to find and rank vulnerabilities.
  • Malware analysis: AI is being used to track user behavior and spot questionable conduct.
  • Vulnerability management: AI is being used to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.
  • User behavior analytics: AI is being used to monitor user behavior to identify suspicious activity.
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