Automated machine learning (AutoML) is a way to automate the process of machine learning. It includes everything from getting the data ready to choosing and testing the best model. AutoML tools can help automate tasks such as:
  • Data preparation: This involves tasks like cleaning data, creating new features, and selecting features.
  • Model selection: This involves tasks like picking the correct machine learning method and settings.
  • Model evaluation: This involves tasks like assessing how well different models perform and choosing the best model.
  • Model deployment: This includes doing things like putting the model into action and keeping an eye on how well it’s doing.
AutoML tools can be used to automate machine learning tasks for a variety of applications, such as:
  • Image classification: This task involves sorting images into different groups, like cats, dogs, and cars.
  • Natural language processing: This task involves understanding and working with human language.
  • Speech recognition: This task involves changing spoken words into written text.
  • Recommendation systems:  This is the job of suggesting things for users to buy or use.
  • Fraud detection: This is the job of finding fake transactions.
The top AutoML tool for you will vary based on what you specifically require and want to achieve. If you’re unsure about which AutoML tool to use, you can ask a machine learn machine-learning vice.
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