Avvir is a platform that uses AI technology to analyze construction projects. It helps contractors and owners make improvements in safety, quality, and productivity. The platform uses technology to analyze data from reality capture, like pictures, 3D models, and measurements. This information can be used to find possible problems and mistakes, keep track of how things are going, and make workflows better. Avvir’s AI tool can be used for a variety of tasks in the construction industry, including:
  • Safety: Avvir can help find things that might be dangerous, like falls, objects hitting you, and electrical problems. This information can help make safety plans and take corrective actions.
  • Quality: Avvir is a tool that helps find problems in construction materials and work quality. This information helps make things better and avoid doing things again.
  • Productivity: Avvir helps you keep track of how things are going, find problem areas, and make things run more smoothly. This info can help make things work better and save time and money.
  • Compliance: Avvir helps meet regulations, like OSHA standards. This information helps show that you are following the rules and can help you avoid getting fined.
Avvir’s AI tool is a strong solution for the construction industry. The platform is simple to use and can grow as needed. It can also work together with other systems. Here are some advantages of using Avvir’s AI tool:
  1. Avvir can find things that might cause accidents and injuries, so we can stop them before they happen.
  2. Avvir can assist in finding problems in construction materials and workmanship, which can lead to better quality in construction projects.
  3. Avvir can assist in monitoring progress, pinpointing obstacles, and streamlining processes, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.
  4. Avvir can assist in following rules, like OSHA standards, to prevent penalties.
  5. Avvir can handle many projects and can manage them effectively.
  6. Simple to operate: Avvir is user-friendly and does not necessitate any coding expertise.
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