Celona.io is a company that provides a unique 5G system for businesses. This system uses AI to automate network operations and ensure that important business applications always function properly. The platform helps big IT companies and service providers make it simpler to use and set up wireless technology that uses cellular networks. Celona provides a tool called the Celona Network Planner. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI). This tool is a free online tool that helps users guess how big their Celona network is. It looks at factors such as having access to private frequencies, whether it’s for coverage inside or outside, and the specific requirements of the applications. Celona has another tool called the Celona Orchestrator, which is powered by AI. This tool is a platform that works online and helps with managing and organizing Celona networks in one location. The Orchestrator uses smart technology to automatically handle tasks such as setting up networks, making adjustments, and monitoring activities. Celona has made AI tools that help businesses easily and effectively manage 5G networks. These tools can assist businesses in improving the reliability, security, and speed of their 5G networks by automating processes and providing network performance information. Here are some of the benefits of using Celona’s AI tools:
  • Increased efficiency:AI can automate different tasks involved in establishing and managing a 5G network. This helps IT staff focus on more important tasks by saving their time and energy.
  • Improved reliability:Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to find and prevent security threats, protecting the network from unauthorized access and harmful activities..
  • Improved performance:AI can assist in enhancing network efficiency by ensuring that applications and devices operate at their best capability.
IIf your company is considering using a 5G network, Celona’s AI tools can help make it easier and more effective for you. The Celona Network Planner can help you figure out how big your network needs to be. The Celona Orchestrator can assist you. automate the setup and control of your network. These tools can help you make your 5G network more reliable, secure, and perform better.
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