Checkpoint Sandblast

Checkpoint Sandblast

Check Point SandBlast is a security tool that works online to keep organizations safe from different types of dangers.

  • Malware: SandBlast can find and delete harmful software, even ones that are and unknown.
  • Exploits: SandBlast can find and stop harmful attacks before they can harm a device.
  • Phishing: SandBlast can find and stop fake emails and websites that try to trick you.
  • Data loss: SandBlast can stop important information from being taken out of a device.
  • Intrusions: SandBlast can find and stop unwanted entries made by bad people.

SandBlast uses a variety of techniques to protect endpoints from these threats, including:

  1. Sandboxing: SandBlast uses a special method called sandboxing to examine files and traffic that seem suspicious. This method keeps everything contained in a secure environment for analysis. This helps to find and stop harmful content before it can damage a device.
  2. Machine learning: SandBlast uses a type of computer intelligence called machine learning to find and stop harmful things that are already known to be bad.
  3. Threat intelligence: SandBlast uses information about potential dangers to find and stop threats that are not yet familiar.
  4. Cloud-based management: SandBlast can be controlled from the cloud, which means it is simple to set up and handle.

Here are some of the key functions of Check Point SandBlast.

  • Zero-day protection: SandBlast uses different methods to keep safe from new and unknown threats. It uses sandboxing and machine learning.
  • Threat extraction: SandBlast can find and remove dangerous things from files and traffic, which can stop them from causing harm.
  • Content disarm and reconstruction (CDR): SandBlast has the ability to put files and traffic back together after they have been checked, which can keep them working properly.
  • Reporting: SandBlast gives you clear information about the dangers it finds and stops
  • Cloud-based deployment: SandBlast can be used in the cloud, which means it can be easily adjusted and controlled.
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