Cloudastructure is a video surveillance platform that operates in the cloud. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to offer various features, including:
  • Object detection: Cloudastructure can identify different things in videos, like humans, cars, and license plates. This can help find possible dangers or events.
  • Heatmaps: Cloudastructure has a feature that can make heatmaps. These heatmaps show the parts of a video that are the most active. This can help find places where people gather or where things are more likely to happen.
  • Rule-based alerts: Cloudastructure has a feature called rule-based alerts. This means that you can set up alerts based on different rules. For example, you can get an alert when someone goes into an area they’re not supposed to be in, or when a vehicle goes faster than a certain speed.
  • Face recognition: Cloudastructure can help identify individuals in video footage by using advanced technology that recognizes faces. This can be used to keep track of where people go or to recognize people who might have done something wrong.
  • Video analytics: Cloudastructure can help analyze video footage to gather information, like how many people are in a crowd or how long people stay in a specific area.
Cloudastructure has AI tools that can help businesses and organizations enhance their security. They can also be used to make operations more efficient and understand how customers behave. Here are some of the benefits of using Cloudastructure’s AI tools:
  • Cloudastructure’s AI tools can find possible dangers and problems, which can make security better.
  • Cloudastructure’s AI tools can automate tasks and make operations more efficient.
  • Cloudastructure has AI tools that can help understand how customers behave. This information can be used to make marketing and sales strategies better.
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