DeepMotion is a company that uses artificial intelligence to create software for capturing movement. Their main product, Animate 3D, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to change videos of people moving into 3D animations. This can be used for many different things, like:
  • Making lifelike character movements for video games and films
  • Creating virtual reality and augmented reality experiences
  • Creating moving images for profiles on social media and gaming websites.
  • Teaching robots and other self-operating system
Animate 3D is a strong tool that can make lifelike and engaging animations. Many different businesses and organizations use it.
  • Companies that make games, like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.
  • Companies that make movies and TV shows, like Disney and Warner Bros.
  • Companies that work with virtual reality, like Oculus and HTC
  • Companies that make self-driving cars, like Waymo and Uber
Here are some of the features of Animate 3D:
  • AI-powered motion capture: Animate 3D uses AI technology to follow the movement of people in videos and turn it into 3D animations.
  • High-fidelity animations: Animate 3D can make animations that look just like real human movement.
  • Wide range of applications: Animate 3D can make animations that look just like real human movement.
  • Easy to use: Animate 3D is user-friendly, even for those new to it.
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