EnsoData is a company that offers computer programs that use artificial intelligence to analyze and rate the quality of sleep in sleep labs. The company’s main product, EnsoSleep, uses smart technology to automatically grade sleep studies. This helps sleep specialists save time by not having to manually grade sleep tests. EnsoSleep is a software platform that helps doctors view, score, edit, and report on PSGs and HSATs. It is cloud-based, meaning it uses the internet to store and access information. The platform works well with popular software and devices, and it is simple to use in sleep labs. EnsoSleep’s AI scoring engine uses a lot of sleep studies to learn, and it keeps getting new information. This makes sure that the engine can correctly rate sleep studies, even ones with complicated or uncommon results. EnsoSleep offers many helpful features that can assist sleep labs in becoming more efficient and productive. Some of the things included are:
  • Automated scoring: EnsoSleep’s AI scoring engine can score sleep studies automatically, saving time for RPSGTs.
  • Review and edit: RPSGTs can check and correct EnsoSleep’s automated scores to make sure the studies are scored correctly.
  • Reporting: EnsoSleep can create different types of reports, like summaries of sleep, reports for medical purposes, and reports for research.
  • Compliance:follows the rules set by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for measuring sleep.
EnsoSleep is a helpful tool that uses AI technology to assist sleep labs in becoming more efficient, productive, and accurate. The platform is simple to use and not expensive, and it can assist sleep labs in offering improved care for their patients. The Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has set guidelines for how to score sleep. Here are some of the benefits of using EnsoSleep:
  • Increased efficiency: EnsoSleep has the ability to automate various tasks related to sleep scoring, allowing RPSGTs to dedicate their time to other important tasks.
  • Improved accuracy:EnsoSleep’s AI scoring engine is trained using a big collection of sleep studies. It is regularly updated with new data to improve its accuracy. This makes sure that the engine can correctly rate sleep studies, even ones with complicated or uncommon results..
  • Enhanced insights: EnsoSleep offers different reports that can assist sleep labs in recognizing trends and patterns in their data. This information can help them give better care to their patients.
  • Reduced costs: EnsoSleep can help sleep labs save money by automating the sleep scoring process, which reduces the costs associated with it.
  • Improved compliance:EnsoSleep meets the standards set by AASM for scoring sleep. This can help sleep labs avoid getting in trouble with the AASM.
If you work at a sleep lab, EnsoSleep can assist you in enhancing your effectiveness, precision, and adherence. The platform is simple to use and not expensive. It can assist you in giving improved care to your patients.
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