Grid Vision® is a software that uses artificial intelligence to help inspect and maintain important energy infrastructure like power lines, transformers, and substations. It uses computer vision and machine learning to do this. Grid Vision® is a tool that can make inspections easier. It can find problems and predict when things might go wrong. This helps make the power grid safer and more reliable. Grid Vision® is a tool that is used by companies and groups all over the world. Studies have proven that it works well in lowering inspection expenses, enhancing inspection safety, and extending the lifespan of assets. Here are some of the features of Grid Vision®:
  • Automated inspection: Grid Vision® can inspect infrastructure assets automatically, which helps save time and money.
  • Defect identification: Grid Vision® can find problems in infrastructure assets, like cracks, rust, and plants growing where they shouldn’t be.
  • Failure prediction: Grid Vision® has the ability to anticipate when infrastructure assets might break down, which can assist in avoiding power outages.
  • Asset management: Grid Vision® can assist in managing infrastructure assets by keeping track of their condition and past records.
Grid Vision® is a strong tool that can enhance the safety and dependability of the power grid. This is a great choice for utilities and other groups who want to automate their inspections and enhance their asset management. Here are some of the benefits of using Grid Vision®:
  • Reduce inspection costs: Grid Vision® can lower inspection costs by automating the inspection process.
  • Improve inspection safety: Grid Vision® can make inspections safer by reducing the requirement for manual inspections.
  • Increase asset life: Grid Vision® can help make assets last longer by finding and fixing problems early.
  • Improve asset management: Grid Vision® can assist in improving asset management by offering valuable information about the condition and past of assets.
If you are a company or group in charge of taking care of important energy systems, Grid Vision® is a great choice to think about. It can assist you in making your infrastructure safer and more reliable, while also saving you money.
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