Fortinet Fortiguard labs

Fortinet Fortiguard labs
The primary group behind FortiGuard AI-fueled Security Services is FortiGuard Labs. Security experts join forces to create and oversee FortiGuard’s robust security portfolio. Threat intelligence is studied through multiple approaches at FortiGuard Labs. These methods include: Network sensors: A global network of sensors collects data on potential threats for Fortinet. Threat intelligence feeds: Collaborating with other security companies, Fortinet shares valuable threat intelligence. Research and development: The Fortinet team is dedicated to discovering and addressing security risks through cutting-edge approaches. Armed with this knowledge, FortiGuard Labs creates and provides FortiGuard security solutions. All sizes of organizations employ these cybersecurity safeguards to protect themselves. In protecting themselves from cyber threats, FortiGuard Labs provides valuable support. The impressive smartness and helpfulness of this tool can help companies navigate new challenges and fortify their defenses.
Fortinet Fortiguard labs - AI Tools Hive

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