Google TTS

Google TTS

Google Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a tool you can use for free on the internet. It helps you change written words into spoken words. It can work with more than 100 languages and has many different voices to choose from. You can use Google TTS to make audio files, speak text out loud, or add speech to your website or app.


To use Google TTS, follow these steps: 1. Visit the Google TTS website: 2. Choose the language and voice you prefer. You can type the text you want to turn into speech and then press the “Speak” button. Google TTS will create the speech and play it for you.


You can use Google TTS in your own apps with the Google Cloud Platform API. The API lets you change how the speech sounds, like the voice, how fast it is, and how high or low it sounds.


Google TTS is a strong and flexible tool for converting text into spoken words. This is a great choice for individuals who want to make audio files or include spoken words on their websites or applications.

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