H2O is a free, widely available, fast machine learning platform that stores data in memory and can be used across multiple computers. It is used for many different machine-learning tasks, such as
  • Regression: This task involves predicting a number that can vary, like the cost of a home or the mass of an individual.
  • Classification: This task involves sorting data into different groups, like spam or not spam.
  • Clustering: This task involves putting similar data points together in groups.
  • Dimensionality reduction: This task involves decreasing the number of features in a dataset, which helps to simplify the analysis process.
  • Feature selection: This task involves choosing the most important characteristics in a set of data to make machine learning algorithms work better.
Here are some of the benefits of using H2O:
  • It is a type of software that is available for anyone to use without charge.
  • You can use it on different systems like Linux, macOS, Windows, and the cloud.
  • It can grow and be used to teach and use big machine-learning models.
  • It’s simple to use and has an interface that’s easy to understand.
  • This information is widely known and many people use and contribute to it.
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