Hacker AI

Hacker AI
Hacker AI is a tool that checks code and uses artificial intelligence (AI). It was made by a French company in Toulouse. It checks the source code for possible security problems that hackers or bad people could take advantage of. This tool helps organizations find and solve security problems in their source code to stop security breaches. The Hacker AI uses a GPT-3 model and can find SQL injection in Python, LFI in PHP, and RCE in Rust. During its beta phase, you can use it for free without needing to create an account. To get the vulnerability detection report, users just have to upload their source code in a zip file. They will receive the report within 10 minutes. AckViz is a cybersecurity company called Hacker AI. They have a team of skilled hackers who have been helping businesses and governments for more than ten years. They help in urgent situations when there are cyberattacks and have assisted more than 200 clients.
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