Inato is a company that makes AI-based tools for medical research. Inato’s main product is called the Inato Platform. It uses AI to make tasks like collecting, analysing, and reporting data in clinical trials easier and faster falling into the category of Service Automation and Patient Analysis.  The Inato Platform can be used to:
  • Automate data collection: The Inato Platform can automatically collect data from clinical trials, like patient surveys and medical records.
  • Analyze data: The Inato Platform can study data from clinical trials to find trends and patterns.
  • Generate reports: The Inato Platform has the ability to generate reports using data from clinical trials. These reports can be used to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Manage clinical trials: The Inato Platform helps with clinical trials. It keeps track of how things are going and makes sure everyone follows the rules.
It is a helpful tool that can assist organisations in making clinical trials more efficient and effective. Here are some important features of the Inato Platform:
  • AI-powered clinical research tools: The Inato Platform is a tool that uses AI to help with clinical research. It can do things like collect data, analyse it, and create reports for clinical trials.
  • Cloud-based platform: The Inato Platform is a type of platform that is stored and accessed through the internet. It can be used by organisations of any size. This simplifies the process of setting up and utilising the Inato Platform.
  • Scalable: The Inato Platform can be used by organisations of any size because it is designed to grow and adapt. This lets organisations use the Inato Platform more as they get bigger.
  • Cost-effective: The Inato Platform is a budget-friendly option that can be used by organisations of any size. This is a good choice for organisations that want to improve clinical trials without spending too much money.
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