Healthcare organizations can automate routine conversations with the use of Infinitus, an AI-powered phone automation platform. Automating processes like benefit verification, prior authorization, and prescription savings is possible with its help. Infinitus can help healthcare organizations save time and money since it is made to be precise, reliable, and effective. A sizable language model that was trained on an enormous dataset of medical data powers the Infinitus platform. This enables Infinitus to produce speech that sounds natural and comprehend complicated medical jargon. Moreover, Infinitus can be tailored to any healthcare provider’s unique requirements. Many well-known healthcare organizations, including as UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and Kaiser Permanente, currently use Infinitus. The business has raised more than $100 million in capital, and investors like Tiger Global Management and Sequoia Capital support it  Here are some of the benefits of using Infinitus:
  • Increased efficiency: By automating tedious and repetitive jobs, Infinitus frees up your employees to concentrate on more crucial work.
  • Improved accuracy: Error risk is decreased because Infinitus is built to be precise and reliable.
  • Enhanced patient experience: By cutting down on wait times and offering more precise information, Infinitus can contribute to an improved patient experience.
  • Cost savings:By lowering the need for human involvement, Infinitus can help you save money.
For healthcare organizations seeking to automate their phone conversations, Infinitus is a viable solution to take into account. It’s a strong and adaptable platform that may help you increase productivity, accuracy, and patient satisfaction.
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