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AI-powered supply chain planning software is offered by John Galt Solutions. Their offering, the Atlas Planning Platform, is a unified software platform that links and synchronizes your whole supply chain, keeping you in constant communication. Demand and supply planning, joint S&OP, production planning, and other applications are all possible with it.  Here are some of the key features of Atlas Planning Platform:
  • All facets of supply chain planning can be handled by a single, AI-driven platform.
  • It gives you a unified picture of your operations by connecting and coordinating your whole supply chain.
  • It employs AI to assist you in making more informed decisions, like predicting demand and maximizing inventory levels.
  • You can access it from any location because it is cloud-based.
Here are some of the benefits of using Atlas Planning Platform:
  • Improved accuracy: The Atlas Planning Platform use AI to produce projections that are more accurate, which can result in more cost-effective inventory management.
  • Increased efficiency: By automating processes, Atlas Planning Platform frees up your staff to concentrate on more important projects.
  • Enhanced visibility: The Atlas Planning Platform gives you a unified picture of your supply chain, which can assist you in seeing possible issues early on and taking appropriate action.
  • Improved decision-making: By giving you data-driven insights, Atlas Planning Platform can assist you in making more informed decisions.
Atlas Planning Platform is a strong tool that can assist you in reaching your objectives if you’re seeking for strategies to enhance your supply chain. Here are some of the specific AI-powered features of Atlas Planning Platform:
  • Demand forecasting:The Atlas Planning Platform forecasts consumer demand for goods and services through machine learning. By using this data, inventory levels can be optimized and stockouts and overstocks can be prevented.
  • Inventory optimization: To determine the ideal inventory levels for every product and location, Atlas Planning Platform use optimization algorithms. Costs can be cut and customer service can be enhanced by doing this.
  • Routing optimization:The Atlas Planning Platform employs algorithms to determine the best paths for the movement of cargo. Delivery times can be accelerated and transportation expenses can be decreased as a result.
  • Risk management: To detect and reduce supply chain risks, Atlas Planning Platform leverages machine learning. By doing this, delays can be minimized and timely and undamaged delivery of the items can be guaranteed.
  • Decision-making: The Atlas Planning Platform offers analytical insights to assist companies in improving the decisions they make on their supply chains. Decisions about manufacturing, price, and transportation may fall under this category.
The Atlas Planning Platform is an effective tool that companies can use to increase customer satisfaction, profitability, and supply chain efficiency. 
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