Motive (previously KeepTruckin) is a fleet management software that is used to automate and enhance fleet operations. Motive AI is capable of the following tasks:
  • Track driver behavior: Driver behavior can be monitored by Motive AI, including instances of speeding, hard braking, and inattentive driving. This may lessen accidents and increase driver safety.
  • Manage compliance: Motive AI can assist in handling adherence to rules, including those pertaining to hours of service and distracted driving. By doing this, fines and penalties may be avoided.
  • Improve routes: Motive AI has the ability to improve routes, which can lower emissions and save fuel.
  • Optimize routes: Motive AI has the ability to improve routes, which can lower emissions and save fuel.
  • Prevent accidents: Motive AI can assist in preventing collisions by spotting possible dangers and warning drivers of them.
  • Improve efficiency: Motive AI can assist boost productivity by automating processes like maintenance scheduling and fuel tracking.
Motive AI is a strong tool that can assist fleet managers in enhancing the safety, efficiency, and compliance of their fleets. It is used by many different types of businesses, such as trucking, construction, and delivery companies. Here are some advantages of using Motive AI:
  • Improved safety: Motive AI can make driving safer by monitoring how drivers behave and spotting possible dangers.
  • Reduced accidents: Motive AI can assist in reducing accidents by stopping them from occurring initially.
  • Improved compliance:  Motive AI aids organizations in following regulations by monitoring driver work hours and preventing distracted driving.
  • Saved fuel: Motive AI can help to save fuel by optimizing routes and preventing accidents.
  • Reduced emissions: Motive AI can help decrease harmful gases by finding the best routes and avoiding accidents.
  • Improved efficiency: Motive AI has the ability to enhance productivity by automating tasks and offering valuable information about fleet operations.
If you need a tool that can do many different things, Motive AI is a good choice.
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