PandoLogic has an AI tool called pandoIQ. It is a computerized hiring platform that uses smart technology to assist employers in finding and hiring the top candidates. pandoIQ makes it easier to hire people by doing a lot of the work for you. It helps find potential candidates, review their resumes, and set up interviews. It also uses artificial intelligence to find suitable candidates for job openings and predict which candidates are likely to succeed. Here are some of the features of pandoIQ:
  • Automated candidate sourcing: pandoIQ uses artificial intelligence to search and discover potential job candidates who are not actively looking for a job but would be a good match for available positions.
  • Resume screening: pandoIQ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to review resumes and find candidates who are likely to be a good match for the job.
  • Interview scheduling: pandoIQ can automatically set up interview appointments with job applicants.
  • Candidate matching:  pandoIQ uses artificial intelligence to pair candidates with available job openings.
  • Predictive analytics: PandoIQ uses artificial intelligence to predict which candidates are likely to succeed in the role.
pandoIQ is a tool that many different businesses, including big companies, use to make their hiring process better. Studies have proven that it works well in making the hiring process faster and cheaper, and in making sure that the people hired are of better quality. Here are some of the benefits of using pandoIQ:
  • Reduced time to hire: pandoIQ can help employers hire faster by automating many recruitment tasks.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness: pandoIQ can assist employers in saving money on hiring by automating tasks and matching candidates with open positions more efficiently.
  • Increased quality of hires: pandoIQ assists employers in making smarter hiring choices by utilizing AI to forecast which candidates are more likely to thrive in the position.
If you are a boss trying to make your hiring process better, pandoIQ is a strong tool that can assist you in reaching your objectives.
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