Pega is a company that makes software with AI tools for businesses. The things it makes are:
  • Pega Platform: This platform helps you create and launch applications that use artificial intelligence. It brings together all the tools you need in one place. It has different tools for combining data, automating tasks, and making decisions.
  • Pega Customer Decision Hub: Pega Customer Decision Hub is a tool that helps you create and use applications that make decisions for customers using artificial intelligence. It has different tools for dividing customers into groups, giving them scores, and making things more personal.
  • Pega Workforce Intelligence: This is a tool that helps you create and use applications that use AI to improve how your workforce operates. It has different tools for planning, scheduling, and managing performance in the workforce.
Pega’s AI-powered tools can help businesses to improve a variety of operations, including:
  • Customer service: Pega’s tools, powered by AI, can assist businesses in improving customer service. These tools automate tasks, personalise interactions, and predict customer needs.
  • Sales: Pega has tools that use AI to help businesses close more deals. These tools can find potential customers, determine if they are a good fit, and suggest products and services.
  • Marketing: Pega has tools that use AI to help businesses connect with more customers and boost sales. These tools make marketing campaigns more personalised, target ads effectively, and track the outcomes.
  • Operations: Pega’s tools with AI can make businesses better by automating tasks, making processes more efficient, and saving money.
  • Risk management: Pega’s tools that use artificial intelligence can assist businesses in reducing risk. They do this by finding and evaluating risks, creating plans to minimise them, and keeping track of the outcomes.
Pega’s tools that use AI are a strong way to make business operations better. They can assist businesses in automating tasks, customising interactions, forecasting customer requirements, and improving decision-making.
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