is a tool that can turn your written words into spoken words. It’s called a text-to-speech service. With, you can easily make audio versions of your written content. It provides many different features, such as:

Over 570 voices in 60 languages: You have the option to select from a wide range of voices, both male and female. Additionally, you can modify the speed and tone of the speech to your liking.

Realistic human-like voices: The voices are made to sound natural using machine learning technology. This means that the voices are created in a way that makes them sound like real people speaking. Machine learning is a type of technology that helps computers learn and improve over time. By using machine learning, the voices are able to sound more realistic and lifelike.

Ability to add multiple voices for a conversation-like experience: You have the power to make changes to the audio. This means you can adjust how the words are pronounced, the way they sound, how fast they are spoken, and which parts are emphasised. All of these edits are made to make sure that listening to the audio is a pleasant and easy experience.

Ability to export the audio in MP3 or WAV format: You can use this feature to share the sound with other people or listen to it on your preferred devices. is a good choice for individuals who wish to make audio versions of their written content. It’s also great for people who can’t hear well or want to listen while they’re out and about. has a free option where you can make up to 100 audio files every month. The cheapest plan costs $9 per month and gives you extra things like making as many audio files as you want and using more voices. - AI Tools Hive

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