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RGo Robotics
The RGo Robotics is a company that makes smart technology for robots that can see and understand things. The Perception Engine™ uses computer vision and AI to help mobile robots understand and navigate their environment independently, similar to how humans do. The Perception Engine™ has several features, such as
  • 3D obstacle detection: This feature helps the robot find things that might be in its way, like walls, furniture, and people.
  • Free space detection: This feature helps the robot find the safest way to get to where it needs to go.
  • Object recognition: This feature helps the robot recognize things around it, like shelves, boxes, and products.
  • Scene understanding: This feature helps the robot understand how a room or any other place is arranged.
The Perception Engine™ is used in a variety of mobile robots, including:
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs): These robots are used in places like warehouses, factories, and other industrial areas to move things around.
  • Last-mile delivery robots: These robots are used to bring things to people’s homes and businesses.
  • Service robots: These robots help people by doing things like cleaning, keeping them safe, and taking care of their health.
The Perception Engine™ is a smart tool that helps robots move safely and effectively in complicated places. It is a useful tool for businesses and organizations that want to use self-driving robots. Here are some advantages of using the RGo Robotics AI too:
  • Increased safety: The Perception Engine™ can stop accidents by finding obstacles and dangers in the robot’s way.
  • Improved efficiency: The Perception Engine™ helps the robot move around better, which saves time and money.
  • Enhanced flexibility: The Perception Engine™ can be used in many different mobile robots. This helps businesses and organizations be more flexible in how they do things.
  • Reduced costs: The Perception Engine™ can make it cheaper to use mobile robots by needing less help from humans.
If you need a tool to help your mobile robots work safely, efficiently, and flexibly, you should consider using the RGo Robotics AI tool.
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