With AI-driven technology, Sage AI converts natural language into actionable code or formulas through a Chrome extension. Type in your question, and Sage AI will handle the rest. Armed with sophisticated algorithms and an extensive repository of formulas and codes, Sage AI offers robust support for resolving any Google Sheets challenge. Here are some of the features of Sage AI:
  • Understand natural language: The natural language queries are no obstacle for Sage AI, which can understand and assist.
  • Generate formulas and codes: With Sage AI’s capability, you can create formulas and codes without memorization or reference.
  • Vast database: Sage AI’s vast repository of formulas and codes enables it to handle complex problems with expertise.
  • Easy to use: A simple interface enables users to begin quickly with Sage AI.
  • Free to use: With Sage AI available at no cost, you can allocate funds towards other expenses.
As a Google Sheets user, Sage AI provides an effective way to boost your efficiency and get more done. This method offers the chance to learn new formulas and codes. Overall, Sage as an AI Assistant accessible on all platforms, seamlessly integrates its impressive features and AI capabilities to enhance your experience in online work environments, social media platforms, advertising endeavours, and more. Summoning sage is as simple as clicking on the Sage icon located at the browser’s apex or calling it through the web app. Whether you desire swift and efficient data transfers or assistance in crafting captivating titles and descriptions for your products based on their tags and attributes, Sage offers you these functionalities effortlessly. 
SAGE [PeakGPT] - AI Tools Hive

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