Shelf is a smart tool that uses AI to help businesses quickly and easily find answers to their questions. It does this by using a type of computer learning to sort and arrange information from different places, like articles, documents, and code. Shelf’s features include:
  • Question answering: Shelf has the ability to respond to questions using everyday language.
  • Knowledge search:  Shelf can look for information from different sources.Shelf can search for knowledge across a variety of sources.
  • Knowledge sharing: : A shelf can give knowledge to others in a company.
  • Reporting:Shelf helps businesses by giving them reports on how their knowledge base is being used. This helps them see how well their knowledge management efforts are working.
Shelf has the ability to respond to questions using everyday language.Shelf assists businesses by providing reports on how their knowledge base is being utilized. This helps them understand how effective their efforts to manage knowledge are. Here are some of the benefits of using Shelf:
  • Improved knowledge management: Shelf can assist businesses in enhancing their knowledge management by simplifying the process of finding answers to questions.
  • Reduced time spent searching for information:  Shelf helps businesses save time by giving them quick and easy access to the answers they need..
  • Improved decision-making:Shelf assists businesses in making improved choices by offering the necessary information for informed decision-making..
  • Increased productivity: Shelf can assist businesses in boosting their productivity by minimizing the amount of time spent searching for information.
.If you want a smart knowledge base that can help you find answers to your questions easily and fast, Shelf is a good choice to think about. Here are some of the specific features of Shelf:
  • Machine learning:Shelf uses a type of technology called machine learning to help sort and arrange information.
  • Natural language processing: Shelf can understand questions written in everyday language and give answers in the same way.
  • Integrations: Shelf works well with many different business systems. This means that businesses can easily access information from their preferred tools.
  • Scalability: Shelf can grow to fit the needs of businesses of any size.
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