Shield AI

Shield AI
Shield AI is a company that uses artificial intelligence to make drones that can fly on their own. These drones are used for defense and business purposes. The main product, Hivemind, is a software platform that lets users control groups of drones instantly. Hivemind uses artificial intelligence to keep an eye on drones, and also helps them recognize and steer clear of things in their way. Shield AI’s technology has been used in many different ways, including:
  • Search and rescue: Shield AI’s drones are used to find people who are trapped in buildings that have fallen down and other places where there has been a big disaster.
  • Border security: Shield AI’s drones are used to patrol borders and find illegal activity.
Here are some specific examples of how Shield AI uses AI in its technology:
  • Object detection: Shield AI’s drones use artificial intelligence to identify objects in their surroundings, like humans, cars, and structures. This helps the drones to steer clear of objects in their path and recognize possible dangers.
  • Path planning: Shield AI’s drones use artificial intelligence to determine their flight routes. This helps the drones fly safely and effectively.
  • Image recognition: Shield AI’s drones use artificial intelligence to identify objects in pictures. This helps the drones recognize possible dangers and gather information about what’s around them.
  • Machine learning: Shield AI’s drones use a type of technology called machine learning to get better at what they do as time goes on. This helps the drones learn from what they do and become better at doing things correctly and quickly.
In general, Shield AI is a top company that makes self-flying drone technology. The drones use AI and can be used for many different things, like finding and saving people, protecting borders, checking important buildings, watching for wildfires, and helping with farming.
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