Smudge AI: Perfect Your Palette, Generating 100 Unique Colors in Seconds

Smudge AI: Perfect Your Palette, Generating 100 Unique Colors in Seconds
Smudge AI is a groundbreaking tool that has been meticulously designed to simplify the process of selecting, converting, organising, and sharing colours for a variety of projects. This Developer Colour Palette App is equipped with a built-in AI assistant, making it an indispensable resource for developers and designers alike. It’s not just a tool; it’s a companion that aids in the creative process, ensuring that your projects always have the perfect colour palette. You can also check out more AI tools related to graphic designs here at AI Tools Hive.

Smudge AI- A Comprehensive Colour Solution

The Smudge AI Colour Palette App is not just another colour picker; it’s a comprehensive solution for managing colours in your projects. It allows you to choose a colour using the built-in colour picker or enter the colour values manually. Once you’ve selected a colour, the app instantly converts it into HEX, RGB, and Swift code. This feature enables you to copy the colour codes with a single tap, making it incredibly easy to use in your projects. It’s a tool that understands the needs of developers and designers, providing them with the exact colour codes they need in the format they prefer.

Organising Colours with Smudge AI

Smudge AI goes beyond just providing colour codes. It offers a robust system for organising your colours. The app automatically shows your recently used colours for reuse, saving you the time and effort of searching for a colour you’ve used before. Additionally, it allows you to add frequently used colours to your favourites, ensuring that your preferred colours are always just a tap away. You can organise your colours further by grouping them into different palettes for each project or brand that you are working with. This feature allows you to maintain a consistent colour scheme across all your projects, enhancing the overall aesthetic and professionalism of your work.

Smudge AI- Enhancing Collaboration

Smudge AI is not just a tool for individual developers or designers; it’s a platform for collaboration. You can share your colour palettes with other members of your design team or with a client, ensuring everyone is working from the same colour palette. This feature eliminates the risk of colour inconsistencies across different parts of a project. Smudge allows you to invite others to your palette and set permissions for each person you invite, granting or denying them read, add, edit, or remove access. This level of control ensures that your colour palettes remain consistent and accurate, regardless of how many people are working on the project.

AI-Powered Features of Smudge AI

Smudge AI leverages the power of AI to offer innovative features like colour extraction from images. You can import an image, client’s logo, or style guide file from your photo library, files, or camera and use the magnified colour picker to choose a specific colour from the image. The app will automatically scan the image using AI and detect the dominant colours within the image. This feature allows you to create colour palettes that perfectly match the colours in an image, ensuring that your designs are always in harmony with your source material.

Smudge AI- Your AI Assistant for Colour Inspiration

If you need a little help with inspiration or to find the right colour for your project, you can use the AI Assistant tool in Smudge to generate a palette or get the colour of an object. Enter a phrase such as “The sea” to see various shades of blue, “Giraffe” to see the colours of a giraffe or “New York Taxi” to be shown the colour code of the New York Taxi yellow. This feature is incredibly useful when you’re trying to find the perfect colour but don’t know where to start. The AI Assistant can provide you with a range of colours based on your input, giving you a starting point for your colour selection process.


Smudge AI – Developer Colour Palette App is a comprehensive tool for managing colours in your projects. With its AI-powered features and collaborative capabilities, it is more than just a colour picker. It’s a platform that brings efficiency, organisation, and collaboration to your colour management tasks. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, or a project manager, Smudge AI is a tool that can enhance your workflow and productivity. It’s a tool that understands your needs and provides solutions that are tailored to your workflow, ensuring that you always have the right colours at your fingertips.
Smudge AI: Perfect Your Palette, Generating 100 Unique Colors in Seconds - AI Tools Hive

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