Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs
Spectrum Labs is an AI company that provides content moderation and safety solutions for online platforms. Their AI tool, Guardian, can detect and remove harmful content in real-time, including:
  • Content that is against the law, like material showing child sexual abuse and speech that promotes hate.
  • Hurtful actions, like bullying and harassment
  • Junk emails and dishonest money schemes
Spectrum Labs also has a tool called Amplify. It uses AI to find and encourage good user behaviour. This can help make an online platform safer and better for everyone. Here are some things that Spectrum Labs’ AI tool can do: Here are some of the features of Spectrum Labs’ AI tool:
  • This looks at the context of a piece of content, like the text and images around it, to make better detections.
  • This helps the tool find bad content in many different languages.
  • This helps moderators find and deal with users who make a lot of harmful content.
Spectrum Labs’ AI tool is used by different online platforms, like gaming platforms, dating apps, social networks, and online marketplaces. It has made these platforms safer and more friendly for users.
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