An innovative app called Speechify harnesses cutting-edge technology to convert written words into authentic-sounding speech. It has many different features, such as:

Over 300 distinct voices spanning 20 languages are accessible. Offering a range of voices, from male to female, is at your disposal. The speed and pitch of the speech can be modified. Through manipulation of pitch, tone, and accent, you can create unique voices. Providing an additional layer to the audio, music can enhance the experience. The audio can be saved in either MP3 or WAV file types. This functionality allows you to share or access the audio on various devices. By reading out loud, Speechify enables PDFs, articles, and web pages to reach a wider audience.

By listening, you can forgo the task of reading them yourself. As the text is read, Speechify closely follows along. Tracking the conversation becomes significantly simpler. Speechify’s font flexibility allows for customization to meet individual preferences. This feature enables you to adjust the text according to your reading preferences. Highlighting the text during reading is a feature that Speechify excels in. This enables you to follow along more easily.

Speechify is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. 

Speechify - AI Tools Hive

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