Supply Wisdom

Supply Wisdom
Supply Wisdom is a platform that helps businesses manage risks in their supply chains. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and reduce these risks. The AI tool can be used for:
  • Find risks: Supply Wisdom can find risks in a company’s supply chain by looking at information from different places like news articles, social media posts, and financial reports.
  • Evaluate risks: Supply Wisdom can assess the chances and consequences of risks using advanced computer algorithms.
  • Reduce risks: Supply Wisdom can help businesses reduce risks by giving them information about their supply chains and suggesting the best ways to do things.
Supply Wisdom is a tool that helps many different types of businesses, including big companies, to make their third-party risk management better. It has been proven to help assist businesses in finding and reducing risks in their supply chains. Here are some of the benefits of using Supply Wisdom’s AI tool:
  • Improved visibility: Supply Wisdom helps businesses see and understand their supply chains better. It gives insights into suppliers, their suppliers, and the risks involved with each one.
  • Reduced risk: Supply Wisdom can assist businesses in decreasing risk by offering them valuable information about the probability and consequences of risks.
  • Improved decision-making: Supply Wisdom helps businesses make smarter choices about their supply chains by giving them information about the risks and opportunities linked to each party involved.
  • Automated workflows: Supply Wisdom can assist businesses in automating processes like supplier onboarding and risk assessments. This can help businesses save time and money.
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