Vectra AI

Vectra AI

Leveraging smart technology, Vectra AI identifies and halts adverse activities. The AI functionality enables it to detect and prevent harmful situations. It is made to keep organizations safe from different dangers, such as:

  1. Advanced persistent threats (APTs): These targeted attacks are designed to circumvent standard security protocols.
  2. Zero-day threats: Lack of recognition poses a significant risk to security from unexpected sources.
  3. Fileless malware: This type of malware operates without relying on any files.
  4. Ransomware: This menacing form of software, known as malware, captures and holds hostage essential files before issuing ransom demands.
  5. Data exfiltration: Removing data without permission can result in dire consequences for a business, termed data exfiltration.

Vectra AI uses a variety of techniques to detect threats, including:

  • AI-powered behavioral analysis: Artificial intelligence analyzes the behavior of files and processes to uncover threats missed by conventional detection techniques that rely on predetermined signs.
  • Machine learning: Vectra AI leverages advanced technology to detect and prevent potential harm before it becomes a reality.
  • Threat intelligence: Armed with knowledge of potential dangers, Vectra AI swiftly detects and eliminates them.
  • Continuous monitoring: Vectra AI vigilantly monitors your environment to ensure safety.
  • Automated response: With the capacity to isolate infected devices and cease harmful internet activity, Vectra AI acts swiftly in response to dangers.

Here are some of the key features of Vectra AI:

  1. AI-powered behavioral analysis: Vectra AI uses artificial intelligence to study how files and processes behave. It looks for dangerous things that regular security systems might not notice because they rely on specific patterns.
  2. Machine learning: Vectra AI uses advanced technology to detect and stop dangerous things that we don’t know about yet.
  3. Threat intelligence: Vectra AI uses information about potential dangers to identify and stop threats that are known to be harmful.
  4. Continuous monitoring:  Vectra AI constantly watches your environment for dangers.
  5. Automated response: Vectra AI can automatically react to dangers by isolating infected devices or stopping harmful internet activity.
  6. Reporting: Vectra AI gives you clear and detailed information about the dangers it has found and stopped.
  7. Cloud-based deployment: Vectra AI can be used in the cloud, which means it can be easily expanded and controlled.
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