Versational™ AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help teams be more productive. It does this by turning conversations into actions, finding valuable information, making follow-up easier, promoting great teamwork, and accessing the knowledge shared in meetings. It uses technology to understand and process human language. It can listen to conversations, understand what is being said, and give a summary. It can also find important things that need to be done, figure out the main ideas, and provide useful information. This data can help make better decisions, improve how things are done, and enhance teamwork. Versational™ AI can be used in many different ways, such as for sales, agile & project management, marketing, recruiting, training & onboarding, and virtual education. It can work with different systems like CRM, project management, and video conferencing platforms. Here are some of the features of Versational™ AI:
  • Transcription: Versational™ AI can convert spoken words from audio and video recordings of conversations, such as meetings, interviews, and training sessions, into written text.
  • Analysis: Versational™ AI can examine transcripts and determine important phrases, subjects, and individuals speaking. It can also find tasks to do and recognize possible problems or chances.
  • Summary: Versational™ AI can create summaries of conversations, focusing on the important points and insights.
  • Collaboration: Versational™ AI helps teams work together by allowing them to share notes, insights, and action items during conversations.
  • Integrations: Versational™ AI can work together with different systems like CRM, project management, and video conferencing platforms. This feature lets you view your conversations and insights without leaving your current tasks.
Versational™ AI is a powerful tool that can help teams improve their productivity and collaboration. If you are looking for an AI-powered conversation enablement platform, Versational™ AI is a good option to consider.
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