Zortify is a company from Luxembourg that makes Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for the Human Resources (HR) industry. Their AI tool, named Zortify Insights, can be utilized for:
  • Analyze employee feedback: Zortify Insights can examine employee feedback, like surveys, interviews, and social media posts, to find common themes and recurring patterns. This can help companies understand how employees feel and find areas to make things better.
  • Identify high-performing employees: Zortify Insights can figure out who the best employees are by looking at their performance information, like how much they sell, how satisfied customers are, and how productive they are. This can assist businesses in recognizing and rewarding their best employees.
  • Develop training programs: Zortify Insights helps in creating training programs by examining the skills and knowledge gaps of employees. This can help businesses make sure that their employees know the newest skills and information.
  • Attract and retain top talent: Zortify Insights helps you do this by looking at data on how engaged your employees are, like how many people leave, how happy they are, and what they say on social media. This can assist businesses in comprehending what inspires their employees and in establishing a more upbeat work atmosphere.
Zortify Insights is a tool that helps many different types of businesses, even big ones like Fortune 500 companies, to make their HR practices better. Studies have proven that it works well in boosting employee involvement, decreasing employee departures, and enhancing productivity. Here are some of the benefits of using Zortify Insights:
  • Zortify Insights aids businesses in enhancing employee engagement by recognizing and resolving employee worries.
  • Zortify Insights can assist businesses in lowering employee leaving by recognizing employees who are likely to leave and offering them the necessary assistance.
  • Zortify Insights can assist businesses in boosting productivity by recognizing and resolving areas where skills are lacking.
  • Zortify Insights can assist businesses in attracting and keeping the best employees by understanding what motivates them.
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