Ocelotbot is a chatbot platform that uses AI to help colleges and universities make students more engaged and satisfied. It uses technology to help students anytime, day or night. It can answer questions about school rules and also provide emotional help. Ocelotbot can also help with automating tasks like setting up appointments and sending reminders. This saves staff time so they can concentrate on more important work. Here are some of the features of Ocelotbot:
  • I can help with answering questions from students about academic rules, processes, and available resources.
  • I can help students who are having a hard time by offering emotional support.
  • It can do things like set up appointments and send reminders automatically.
  • It can be changed to fit the specific requirements of each organization.
  • Is open all day, every day.
If you are a college or university wanting to make students more involved and happy, Ocelotbot is a good choice. This is a strong chatbot that uses AI and can be changed to fit your needs.
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